Third Culture Worship – LOGO Design Contest!

This is for all you graphic designers out there. We are having a contest for any graphic designer that would like to design the logo for the upcoming release of the Third Culture Worship CD. Your design, if selected, will be on the cover of a nationally released Worship project and on our website design (www.thirdcultureworship.com) with all credit to you and your contact information, if you wish, to promote your services. We will select a winner on Oct. 31th 2009!!!

EVERYONE who submits a *legitimate* design will receive 1 free Third Culture T-shirt and 1 free Third Culture Worship CD BEFORE the actual release in January!!!
*it must be obvious that the design is original, well thought out and not simply copied or thrown together at the last minute*

The WINNER gets:

  • $100.00 CASH PRIZE!
  • Two (2) Third culture Worship t-shirts (black or white in any size; men’s or women’s)
  • Five (5) Third Culture Worship CD’s with your design on it to keep, sell, or give!
  • Your name and info on every CD and our website to help further promote your services!

The Design:

We are looking for creative ways to express the concept of Third Culture for our first Third culture Worship CD cover. We would also like the motif and vibe of your design help shape our website as well.

Some descriptives of what “Third Culture” is to us:

  • The Culture that evolves from Intersecting Cultures
  • Caught between Worlds
  • In but not of the world
  • foreigners in a strange land
  • fluidity, adaptability
  • inclusiveness vs exclusiveness
  • bridges gaps
  • identity
  • essentially it is a world view; a lens
  • The ability to find commonalities in order to overcome differences
  • The ability to adapt to other cultures and invite others to into yours.
  • The ability to know who you are no matter where you are.
  • Jesus himself is the ultimate picture of Third culture: He became human and immersed himself into our world and engaged the culture of the world in order to invite all into His culture of kingdom. see text Ephesians 2:11-22

Things we are looking for in the design:

  • we want it to look urban, contemporary, artistic
  • we are looking for a “gritty” street vibe (grainy textures)
  • black and whites, sepia tones are always cool (but doesn’t have to be)
  • classic touch, vintage feel
  • we are also looking for some design or image that could also serve as a logo
  • A cool way of writing “third culture worship” for a logo
  • A way to brand third culture worship

Please submit your ideas, and designs to me any of the following ways anytime BEFORE October 31st:

Thank you for your time and your talents!


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