6/22/2011….WE ARE ON ITUNES!!!!!!

Well family…it’s Official!!! The THIRD CULTURE WORSHIP project is now RERELEASED, REMASTERED, and REDESIGNED and is available right now!!! Please help us spread the word. With the purchase of the album on itunes, you will also recieve the BRAND NEW EXTENDED VERSION of “How Great Is Your Love” featuring Gospel legend Keith Staten (formally of Commissioned) and gospel newcomer artist/producer extraordinaire, Claude Deuce!!! They absolutely murder this song! We have had a lot of folks tell us that they didn’t want the original song to end…sooooo…we let you hear what we do with this song in a live setting. We take it to some places you may not expect knowing the original version…but we had some fun on this one! Our producer Ronald Rawls shows us again why he is on his way to becoming a huge force not only to the music industry but also the Kingdom! His fingerprints and gifting are all over this project. I’m positive you will love his work.

So Please help support this project and help us get this project out…let’s do this together…for the Kingdom baby!!!!

SO Can you PLEASE help us and support this by doing 1 or all of these again?

1- Support by buying the Third Culture Worship project on Itunes…only 9.99:)
2- give it a 5 star rating (if you like it) NO PURCHASE NECESSARY if you have an itunes account
3-Write a pleasant review (again, if you like it) NO PURCHASE NECESSARY if you have an itunes account
4-Help spread the word to your friends, churches, worship leaders, etc.
5-Help spread it through the web via, facebook, email, websites, etc

Love and appreciate you all!!!

please click the link to purchase the album on Itunes below

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