Hello 2011 and San Jose!!!

Well…it has been a crazy turn of the new year(2011) for us. We have been so busy we haven’t been able to get caught up with updates and such. It took everything we had just to get familiar with the new area, new jobs, new home, new church, and a new community. But we have fully transitioned from SoCal to NorCal now and can finally take a little breath. My wife and I miss family, friends, and church but we are assured that this is where God wants us right now. We have begun serving Cathedral of Faith as the worship pastors here in San Jose, CA. And we couldn’t feel more blessed and favored as we do right now. God’s blessings and approval are all around us and we are eternally grateful! We are looking forward to great things here in the near future.

Some great things happening now and in the near future:

1) The Cathedral of Faith School of Worship is up and running! We have already begun training your worship leaders to help raise up a new generation of Kingdom movers for the Bay area. Praise God!!! We are believing God for great things as we pour into the next generation. I believe strongly that we as leaders, need to be about SOWing seeds for the next generation so they can be empowered to do the same!.

2) The Third Culture Worship Project is being Re-released, Re-designed, and Re-mastered. And this time it will hit the digital word on itunes in June 2011. We have also added an extra track with Gospel legend Keith Staten (formally of Commissioned) making an appearance! I’m super excited about this one. Keith has been a HUGE influence on my life and journey of leading worship. This was a dream come true to me.Hope you all enjoy at as well:)

3) Also, the NEW Third Culture Worship album is about half way finished and we look to have it done and ready for release by the new year! Excited about some of these new songs too.

4) Also, I will write about this in a later post but, Worship Leader Magazine has selected “You Are Exalted” to be included in the 92 edition of Song Discovery!!! What an unexpected blessing and huge honor this is for someone like me:) Never thought something like this would happen but man am I extremely grateful and humbled by this. I think they are also planning to do a feature in the section called “Worship Radar” on us too. I will fill you all in more when I know.

So…that’s a quick update on things after a long silence for a while. Our life has been a whirlwind since late October of 2010. But now I hope to be back with regular updates and blogs.

SO grateful for all of you and your continued love and support of us and the project.


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