Well the Cd Release Concert was AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who came and supported, who prayed, and who gave to make this night happen. Special thanks to Evergreen Baptist, Patsor Ken Fong and Justis Kao who hosted the evening. Also to my Newsong NOC family for coming out in strong numbers, and also to the Newsong LA and Irvine people for coming out…your presence was such a blessing to Irene and I. It was a jammed pack night with lots of energy, excitement, music, testimonies, many coming forward for prayer, and most impostantly the Spirit of God for healing, inspiring, and launching us all into a future with purpose. For those of you who attended remember that God has created you with purpose in mind and that everything you have need of in order to walk in that purpose has already been placed within you. It just needs to be awakened.

Also keep the Third culture Worship movement going by helping us spread the word and getting this worship project out. The CD is available right here at We also have T-shirts from the concert night available so you can rep third culture wherever you go! Thank you all again for all the love and support. Love you all!

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